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Most visited sites? like many answers - it depends. If the free vpn or proxy is being used at school or college the must visited sites by a long margin are followed by If the user is from a country where news is hard to come from the the likes of BBC are favorites.

Proxy sites do two things a) they hide the pages you are looking at and b) unblock the sites colleges schools workplaces and countries try to block. Unlike VPN they are free!

To use an express vpn or more exactly this proxy, enter the domain you wish to visit in the field under Enter Url and hit Go. That is it - you will be taken to a page that encodes the pages you visit and unblock the sites you wish to visit by it changing your IP. Enjoy!

Super VPN

If you need to work remotely or simply wish to be private you should investigate a openvpn. A quick indroduction is quite simply it encrypts anything you do online thereby keeping it safe. Corporations have used them for along time - now it is individuals! A VPN Service also hided your IP so people do not know your location. In some countries like Iran watch some videos on can be a serious offence.

VPN Download

To use a VPN you normally need to download software unlike this web proxy.Note our sites also have encryption on the inner pages as well as a new IP so enjoy facebook youtube and more in safety.

With social media it is not common to disclose your identity - really it is only that does. An example of this is Google+ - who originally expected people to use their own name but they changed that in 2012 to allow pseudonyms. The summary is our advise is to use your real name on social media as little as possible.

Open VPN

You will have noticed that we do not charge for using our proxy sites. Hopefully we will never have to, although there are quite a few who do! Instead we have place what we hope is a non annoying number of ads via Adsense and others. We do not use popups which feedback says is the most annoying kind of ad. With the money generated by advertising we pay for webservers, domains, bandwidth and more.

Best VPN

There quite a few VPN services out there but first find a really fast internet provider as your VPN provider may be fast but it will still be slow if your internet provider is slow. Go to a trusted comsumer ranking site like and pick the service best for you.

VPN Unlimited

There is alot of information about that China intends blocking VPN from 2018 - at the moment millions use the services - although it is the usual siteing anonymous sources. More information on what a Virtual Private Network is here VPN Information

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